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Outline of Mountains


Besides doing work for our clients, we also produce shows of our own for entertainment purposes which we also use for marketing!
This list includes projects that are either already in production or in pre-production.

ShowdownLogo Main.png



In an attempt to bridge friendly competitive gaming and entertainment, we bring you a show where we (and our friends) go face to face in whatever competitive game we play.


Makan Time!

Mashita & Jeremy (w/ guests) bring us around Singapore to experience top-notch asian cuisine where they will review and rate them out of 10!

cmg soon.png
cmg soon.png


Talk of the House

Officially being marketed as the reboot of the Talk of the Podcast; this podcast covers real-world topics and hard truths about things going on in our lives and around the world!


Tales of Sauzoron

A limited series; Tales of Sauzoron is an attempt to turn a low-poly game in a cinematic series of episodes based on the theme of redemption in a world filled with Kings and Knights.

cmg soon.png
cmg soon.png


The Lion City

Hosted by Mashita & Munirah; the ladies bring us around the country to view the amazing sceneries that come with our tourists spots/attractions and even places we'd deem hidden gems!

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