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Outline of Mountains


These are a few projects done by us and our individual creative members. 


Company Photoshoot BTS

As a way to promote our company, we decided to shoot and edit a behind-the-scenes video of the photoshoot. 


Property Video

Tasked to edit for a reel inspired by a tiktok; a lot of masking had to be done to carry out the transition the client wanted in the video.

Mashita Cover.png


Meet The Team

As part of our introduction to the industry, we produced a simple (limited) series in a form of interviews. This way our audience/clients know more about us!

Watch the series on our Instagram!


Company Photoshoot

To spice up our portfolio (and our website), we conducted a 4-hours company photoshoot with our esteemed photographer 'ftaukgraphy'. This way we can put some faces to the name House of Wan !


Another Property Video

This time, Syazwan helps a friend by going down and helping her to record various clips of a house for a video showcase. This is the result!

All shot ideas were from Syazwan!

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